NOTES’ goals are to represent, examine and nurture transnational practice and thinking with and through photography. To do so (being a local or regional platform), NOTES operates with a focus on creating international discursive ties between artists and thinkers in the North of the British Isles and the rest of the world.

NOTES acknowledges that a diverse and dynamic discourse is dependent on ensuring that there are opportunities for people to move in and out of positions and have their voice heard, not only as contributors but also as curators and editors. Thus it takes its cue from several successful artist-led projects in Scotland such as Transmission and Market Gallery and will have a rolling editorial board where individuals participate for a limited amount of time before giving space for new members.

We would welcome a financial situation which would allow contributors and all others who work with NOTES to be financially remunerated. Furthermore, we, the founders, resist the thought that any position within NOTES would become a permanent one.

NOTES is published twice a year.